Spring 2018

The 2018 community-engaged transcreation project features two multimedia works. One is a short documentary titled “A Taste of Brooks Landing” by Fawzi Ali, Monica Nair, and Diana Rodriguez.  Skillfully mixed in it are photos and film footage of the area, interviews with our community partners, and their culinary narratives that suggest an everyday miracle of people, place, and culture. The other is a podcast titled “Over the Bridge” by Lily Deng, Lisa Kim, and Matthew Pugsley. The project displays their thoughtful application of a range of cross-cultural translation concepts, as Lily, Lisa, and Matthew sought to discover and preserve the voices of our community partners by mindful use of the interviews and an urban planning expert’s perspective on the other hand.

“A Taste of Brooks Landing” Documentary

By Fawzi Ali, Monica Nair, and Diana Rodriguez

Find the students’ documentary on YouTube below. Run-time is 7 minutes. To make the video as accessible and inclusive as possible, the documentary team has provided the subtitles, which you can see by clicking “CC” (closed-captioning) on the video. 

“Across the Bridge” Podcast

By Lily Deng, Lisa Kim, and Matthew Pugsley

Find the students’ podcast on Sound Cloud here. Run-time is 51 minutes. Also see below for the transcript that the podcast team has prepared.

Across the Bridge Script