2020 Diversity Conference: Equity Across our Communities


Community-engaged comics: Learning and partnering with teens and Zoc of Southwest Rochester

March 27, 2020*

In this PowerPoint poster, we present our transcreation project featuring comics co-created through a partnership with the Teen Center of Southwest YMCA and Zocs Gourmet on the Chili Business Corridor in Rochester. This collaborative project foregrounds the local youth’s perspective on food, wellbeing, and neighborhood entrepreneurship as they interact with Zaaqi Johnson, owner and chef of Zocs Gourmet. The comics prioritize the voices and insights of the urban community of southwest Rochester, to which the University of Rochester belongs as a player in shaping and fostering our common future. 

Community Partners:
Doreen Scanlan, Program Coordinator, Southwest YMCA Teen Center
Zaaqi Johnson, owner and chef of Zocs Gourmet

Emma Chang
Manasvi Chaturvedi
Jingxuan Fang
Xueyao Guo
Lingling Li
Rose McDonogh
Ruoyu Wang
Ruqin Chang, Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program
Stella Wang, Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

*Due to Covid-19, the annual Diversity Conference was cancelled for Spring 2020