Spring 2018 Presentations

The theme of the 2018 Diversity Conference was ‘overcoming the invisible,’ which means identifying and and shedding light on the invisible barriers that impeded integration, representation, and appreciation of diversity in the University of Rochester community, both on and off campus. Naturally, we were delighted by the opportunity to discuss our ongoing community-engaged project with the Brooks Landing region of Southwest Rochester. To learn more about this presentation, check out our Diversity Conference 2018 page.

The second presentation to take place in Spring 2018 was the student’s presentation of their transcreation projects to the community. This event took place on the last day of classes, in the evening, at the Arnett Branch Library in the 19th Ward neighborhood. As mentioned above, it is important to present research results to the ‘right’ audiences, and in the case of community-engaged research, it is critical that community members be one of those audiences. To learn more about this presentation, check out our Community Presentation 2018 page.