Genesee Street Business Corridor Film Project
Tuesday, April 30, 7-8:30 pm
Arnett Library Conference Room

Complementary food and drink from Brooks Landing Diner and B+Healthy

The film project features Brooks Landing Diner and B+Healthy Fresh Food Market on Genesee Street. Incorporated into the documentary are puppetry, interviews with the owners of the two restaurants, drone-captured aerial footage, as well as students’ fieldnotes and filming techniques involving green screen. Tom Bohrer, Elizabeth and Mary Weeg of Puppet Trio, known for their wildly popular puppet show Aesop Abounding, who trained the students in the art of puppetry— also participated in the post-presentation activities. Check out the documentary on our page Transcreation Projects 2019. In addition to a selection of pictures from the student led presentation is a slideshow of the presentation for your reference.