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Chance the Rapper

You can watch a feature about Chance the Rapper, ‘Music Mogul Chance the Rapper on Changing the Music Industry’ by ABC news here. And/or you can read an article by Chicago Reader, ‘The Year Chicago Hip-hop Beat the Haters,’ here.

“Do You Speak American?”

Do you speak American? (2005). PBS. Find the website here.

“How Code Switching Explains the World”

From Code-Switched: Race and Identity, Remixed, a blog from NPR Find the blog here.  

“Julie Washington’s Quest”

Brennan, W. (2018, April). Julie Washington’s Quest to Get Schools to Respect African-American English. The Atlantic.  Find the article here.

“Signs” Restaurant

New restaurant staffed with deaf waiters. (2014). The National, CBC.

“Should Code-switching Be Taught in Schools?”

Oliver, R. , Rubba, J., Meyer, R., McIntosh, G., Morris, C., Seidenberg, M., & Brennan, W. (2018, April 29). Letters: should code-switching be taught in schools? The Atlantic. Find the article here.

“Speaking in Tongues”

Smith, Z. (2008). Speaking in tongues. The New York Review of Books (2009, February 26). Find the article here.  

“Vocal Color in Public Radio”

Kumanika, C. (2015). Vocal color in public radio. The Transom Review 15(2), 1-26. Find the article here.

“When It Comes to Hit Songs in the US”

Find Forbes’ article ‘When It Comes to Hit Songs in the US, It’s All about Mixing Spanish and English’ here.

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