Encouraging the Expression of Linguistic Identity in Writing, Speaking, and Arguing

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“Beyond the Rice Fields”

Naivo, (2017) Beyond the rice fields (A.M. Charette, Trans.) New York, NY: Restless Books. Find this book at worldcat.org/isbn/1632061317

“The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”

Díaz, J. (2007). The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao. New York: Riverhead. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/1594483299


Gyasi, Y. (2017). Homegoing (reprint ed.). New York: Vintage. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/1101971061. An excerpt (code-meshing English and Asante Twi [of Ghana]) Akua would start each walk by asking her daughters where they wanted to go. She would sling baby Yaw in… Continue Reading →

“Rotten English”

Ahmad, D. (Ed.) (2007). Rotten English: A literary anthology. New York, NY: Norton. Find the anthology at worldcat.org/isbn/0393329607


Saro-Wiwa K. (1994). Sozaboy: a novel in rotten English. White Plains, N.Y., Longman. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/0582236991

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