Encouraging the Expression of Linguistic Identity in Writing, Speaking, and Arguing

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Gyasi, Y. (2017). Homegoing (reprint ed.). New York: Vintage. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/1101971061. An excerpt (code-meshing English and Asante Twi [of Ghana]) Akua would start each walk by asking her daughters where they wanted to go. She would sling baby Yaw in… Continue Reading →

“How Code Switching Explains the World”

From Code-Switched: Race and Identity, Remixed, a blog from NPR Find the blog here.  

“Identifying Teachable Strategies of Translanguaging”

Canagarajah, S. (2011). Codemeshing in academic writing: Identifying teachable strategies of translanguaging. The Modern Language Journal, 95(3), 401-417. Find the article here.

“Identity and Ownership in Irish Radio Comedy”

Atkinson, D., & Kelly-Holmes, H. (2011). Codeswitching, identity and ownership in Irish radio comedy. Journal of Pragmatics, 43(1), 251-260. Find the article at doi.org/10.1016/j.pragma.2010.07.021

“In the Heights”

Miranda, L-M. (Music & lyrics), & Hudes, Q. A. (Writer). In the Heights [a musical]. The video above is a clip from the PBS’s ‘Great Performances’: Opening night & 96,000.   For an excellent example of English-Spanish code-meshing, check out “Sunrise” (lyrics).  

“It’s Beautiful”

Coca-Cola. (2014). It’s Beautiful [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/RiMMpFcy-HU.

“It’s Written All Over Your Face”

The following essay is an example of student work that crosses registers and modalities to great effect. The essay, “It’s Written All Over Your Face: The Dynamic Synergy of Emotion and Social Interaction,” analyzes outer emotion to debunk the prevalent viewpoint that… Continue Reading →


Beyoncé (2016). Lemonade. New York: Parkwood Entertainment. Find the lyrics here. And check out the music video for “Hold Up,” the second song in the album, below.  

“Louder than a Bomb”

Jacobs, G, & Siskel, J. (Directors). (2011). Louder than a bomb [motion picture]. Own Documentary Club. New York: Virgil Films. Find the premier showing via Own Documentary Club here

“Making Face, Making Soul/ Haciendo Caras”

Anzaldúa, G. (Ed.). (1990). Making face, making soul/haciendo caras: Creative and critical perspectives by women of color. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Foundation. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/0933216742

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