Encouraging the Expression of Linguistic Identity in Writing, Speaking, and Arguing

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“Code-meshing within a Multimodal Framework”

Laverick, E. K. (2015). Code-meshing within a multimodal framework. Find the website here.  

“Dear Parents”

This is a sample student project with designer’s notes that code-meshes American English, West African English, French, as well as Bambara and Wolof throughout. Code-meshing is used to achieve communication success with the multilingual community that the author wanted to reach… Continue Reading →

“A Different World”

Werner, T. (Producer). Shakespeare translation [Television sitcom episode]. A different world.

“Eloquent Rage”

Cooper, B (2018). Eloquent rage: a black feminist discovers her superpower. New York: St. Martin’s Press. Find the book here: worldcat.org/isbn/1250112575

“Epistemicide! The Tale of Predatory Discourse”

Bennett, K. (2007). Epistemicide! The tale of a predatory discourse. The Translator, 13(2), 151-169. Find the article at doi.org/10.1080/13556509.2007.10799236

“From the Hood to the Amen Corner”

Smitherman, G. (1996). African-American English: From the hood to the amen corner. University of Minnesota. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/1-881221-21-0 

“Get Out”

Peele, J. (Director). (2017). Get out. Los Angeles: Universal Studios. In the scene above, Chris tries to reach out to Georgina by using salient expressions of AAVE. With, however, her former consciousness trapped deep in the metaphorical “Sunken Place” and… Continue Reading →

“Gettin’ Our Groove On”

Campbell, K. E. (2005). “Gettin’ our groove on”: Rhetoric, language, and literacy for the hip hop generation. Detroit: Wayne State University Press. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/081432925X

“Greetings massive! Wha gwaan Jamaica?”


“Hearing Hands”

Hearing Hands by Samsung. (2015).

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