Encouraging the Expression of Linguistic Identity in Writing, Speaking, and Arguing

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“How Code Switching Explains the World”

From Code-Switched: Race and Identity, Remixed, a blog from NPR Find the blog here.  

“Julie Washington’s Quest”

Brennan, W. (2018, April). Julie Washington’s Quest to Get Schools to Respect African-American English. The Atlantic.  Find the article here.


Beyoncé (2016). Lemonade. New York: Parkwood Entertainment. Find the lyrics here. And check out the music video for “Hold Up,” the second song in the album, below.  

“Louder than a Bomb”

Jacobs, G, & Siskel, J. (Directors). (2011). Louder than a bomb [motion picture]. Own Documentary Club. New York: Virgil Films. Find the premier showing via Own Documentary Club here

Marvel’s “Black Panther”

Coogler, R. (Director). (2018). Black panther [motion picture]. Los Angeles: Marvel/Walt Disney. When Erik Killmonger arrives in Wakanda and is escorted into the room with King T’challa and his council, Erik speaks plainly in his dialect of AAVE, his native… Continue Reading →

“Movin on up a Lil Higher”

Smitherman, G. (2004). Language and African Americans: Movin on up a lil higher. Journal of English Linguistics, 32(3), 186-196. Find the article at doi.org/10.1177/0075424204268223

“Other People’s English”

Young, V., Barrett, R., Young-Rivera, Y., & Lovejoy, K. B. (2014). Other people’s English: Code-meshing, code-switching, and African American literacy. New York, NY: Teachers College Press. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/9780807755020

“Phone Call”

Key, K.-M., & Peele, J. (2011). Key & Peele: Phone Call. Comedy Central.

“Resolution on the Oakland ‘Ebonics’ Issue”

Linguistic Society of America. (1997). LSA Resolution on the Oakland “Ebonics” Issue. Issues in linguistics: School curriculum. Find the resolution here.

“Six Moments of Code-switching”

From Code-Switched: Race and Identity, Remixed, a blog from NPR Find the blog post here.

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