Peele, J. (Director). (2017). Get out. Los Angeles: Universal Studios.

In the scene above, Chris tries to reach out to Georgina by using salient expressions of AAVE. With, however, her former consciousness trapped deep in the metaphorical “Sunken Place” and her black body snatched and no longer in her own control, Georgina struggles to respond. Still, if the overpowering White English appears to deny her identity, Georgina is shown to be able to break out and, if for a painfully woke moment, acknowledge Chris’ unease when isolated around “too many white people.”

Other comparable scenes include Chris’ two conversations with “Logan.” Check out Director Jordan Peele’s analysis of Chris’ 1st encounter with “Logan” where they fail to connect. This episode makes those warning cries and physical actions of “Logan” particularly alarming when he manages to break through to connect with Chris in their 2nd encounter .