Encouraging the Expression of Linguistic Identity in Writing, Speaking, and Arguing

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Here you will find research articles, books, anthologies, and special issues of academic journals exploring code-meshing as a translingual writing strategy in the classroom and beyond.

Some of these resources include lesson plans and assignments that allow both domestic and international students to explore their diverse use of language outside of the dominant conventions of academic and professional writing.

Other resources are academic studies that have observed and traced the intricacies of mixed languages (including pidgins and creoles) around the globe and the diversity of dialects within a single language, like English.

Please note that the items appear in alphabetical order according to the short title, across several pages. Please explore!

“Code-meshing as World English”

Young, V. A., & Martinez, A. Y. (Eds.). (2011). Code-meshing as World English: Pedagogy, policy, performance. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/9780814107003

“Demystifying Language Mixing”

Sayer, P. (2008). Demystifying language mixing: Spanglish in school. Journal of Latinos and Education, 7(2), 94-112. Find the article at doi.org/10.1080/15348430701827030

“Design for Social Futures”

Cope, B., & Kalantzis, M. (2000). Design for social futures. In B Cope & M Kalantzis (Eds.), Multiliteracies: Literacy learning and design of social futures (pp. 201-234). London: Routledge. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/0415214211

“Discourse Tensions, Englishes”

Nero, S. J. (2010). Discourse tensions, Englishes, and the composition classroom. In B. Horner, M-Z Lu, and P. K. Matsuda (Eds.), Cross-language relations in composition (pp.142-157). Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/0809329824

“Disrupting Authority”

Shelton, C. D., & Howson, E. E. (2014). Disrupting authority: Writing mentors and code-meshing pedagogy. Praxis: A writing center journal 12(1), 77-83. Find the article here.

“Do You Speak American?”

Do you speak American? (2005). PBS. Find the website here.

“Dynamic Bilingualism as the Norm”

Fores, N., & Schissel, J. (2014). Dynamic bilingualism as the norm: Envisioning a heteroglossic approach to standards-based reform. TESOL Quarterly, 48(3), 454-479. Find the article here.

“English in North America”

Yale Grammatical Diversity Project, English in North America. Find the website here.

“Epistemicide! The Tale of Predatory Discourse”

Bennett, K. (2007). Epistemicide! The tale of a predatory discourse. The Translator, 13(2), 151-169. Find the article at doi.org/10.1080/13556509.2007.10799236

“From the Hood to the Amen Corner”

Smitherman, G. (1996). African-American English: From the hood to the amen corner. University of Minnesota. Find the book at worldcat.org/isbn/1-881221-21-0 

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